To get the Discord permissions type $key add <your API key> in the chat box at the #join-server channel.
(Note if you have linked your API earlier in an another server you don’t have to link it again, just wait a few moments to let the bot adjust your role).
How to get an API key:
2. Go to the tab Applications
3. Press on New key.
4 Make sure the guilds and account option is marked.
(Mark all options if you want to use all functions of the gw2bot)
After you linked your API key it can take up 5 to 30 minutes to sync with the GW 2 Servers.

Your rank will be automatically adjust to your rank in guild.
You can also type help in the #join-server channel for available commands.

If you are a guest to our discord when you joining one of out raids of other events, you can type in !guest in the #join-server channel to gain guest rights.