Activity of the Guild

Dear Members,
As you have known there is no raiding or guild activities done in a while.
We have put a lot effort in the guild, trying to give every one a good place in the guild. I hope we managed that.

There will be a restart of the guild, this time we are not going to be a training guild. We going to look for active raiders that will raid on time windows we all can play. We need a static group op raiders.
For the players that joined in our trainings for as far we gave them, I hope you had a nice time running with us.

We are going to clean up the guild a little bit, every who have been offline for about 1 month or longer will be removed from the guild.

When we are ready to run again we will open recruitment again.
For the people that don’t want to be removed from the guild let me know in a PM on discord with your account name.

Also we are making a new signup system to make it more easy to sign up for the events.

Thanks for the great time,
We will see you in a bit.
Leaders of Pieces Of Eden.

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